Functionally Equivalent Language Translation

Make your efforts FELT!

  • Fed up re-coding old projects in new languages ?
  • Fed up wasting time?
  • Despairing of porting more code from A to B ?
  • About to quit I.T. and take up gardening ?
Then make your efforts FELT!

Once and for all you can focus on solving the problem and then let FELT take the strain and produce your back-end code!

If it's said that Javatm is platform neutral then
FELT is language neutral!

You code this in FELT...

(defun footer ()
  (return {
    :background-color :black
    :color            :white
    :font-weight      :bold}))

It says, "Here is a function called footer that returns a keyed array (association list, property list etc.) containing three keys and their values".

Then we ask FELT to convert into PHP:

function footer() {
  return array(
   'background-color' => 'black',
   'color' => 'white',
   'font-weight' => 'bold' );

Or JavaScript,

function footer() {
  return {
    'background-color' : 'black',
    'color' : 'white',
    'font-weight' : 'bold'

Or, as was intended, CSS:

footer {
  background-color: black;
  color: white;
  font-weight: bold

Not sure what language to use?

Afraid of making the wrong choice ?

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Then why not use them all!

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Try out FELT for yourself, live in your browser right now and see how FELT can translate into PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

No way Bill! Way Ted!! Yes, by coding your applications within the guidelines imposed by the current release of FELT, you can work away knowing that at the click of a button that it will happily generate PHP or Javascript or CSS or Java (Android) and soon even Objective-C (iOS) code for you from the same code base. Yes, that's right. You can write language portable code provided you follow the simple best-practice rules and then sit back, relax, and let FELT do the "grunt" coding. Read more...

Note: The above examples have been tidied up for you to read, FELT doesn't care for beautiful code in anything other than FELT! The rendered code is functionally equivalent to the idea expressed in the source code, nobody said it had to look nice and boy, does it look interesting in places. Use the REPL to see what I mean!